My Dream Come True

On Wednesday, August 13, 2008, I picked up the keys to my dream house.

We decided to sell our current house early this summer. It sold really quickly which left us in a position of needing to find something very quickly. It was a long stressfuly summer of finding a place and losing it to being outbid by someone else.

Finally, though, on August 3, we found our home. It’s a two story, Victorian brick situated on a hill on 2.19 acres. It’s been almost fully renovated inside, with a brand new kitchen, but still keeping all the original doors and woodwork. It’s stunningly beautiful. And my dream house to boot.

I’ll be adding some photo’s soon. I’ll be using this blog to document our change in lifestyle. Our goal is to simplify our lives and bring back some of the old ways of doing things. We want to teach our children to appreciate what God has given us and learn how to live a simple life. It’s going to be tough, I know that. We’ve lived a totally different sort of life so far. But, with God’s help and Grace, we can do it!

The first thing, though, is to get moved in. We have 2 weeks to slowly move everything over. We’ve already done some, but there is so much more to do.

We’re going to the house today, and I will take some pictures to share.

I’ll be looking for recipes for canning, cleaning and cooking frugally. I’ll also be looking for any and all homesteading tips that I can find. So, if you have one, click on the contact me link and send me an email! I’ll post all the great tips I receive with credit to the sender.

Check back soon. I’ll be adding some photo’s for you to see.


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