It’s Almost Here!

Moving day is almost here! I can’t wait to be living at my new homestead all the time. It’s almost a form of torture to know that it’s just sitting there waiting for me when I have to keep coming back to this house.

Last night a very strong storm moved through around dinner time. I don’t know if it hit out at the new house or not, but I’m going out today to see if there was any damage done out there. Hopefully not, but we’ll deal with whatever happens of course.

I’ll mostly be unpacking today, I think. I will of course take a load of boxes out with me, but I want to spend some time getting what I have out there now organized somewhat for when we get the rest of our things out there on Thursday. That’s only two days away!

I’m also going to tackle the front garden I think today if I have time. I’ll take before and after photo’s too. It’s quite the mess right now, but boy is it going to look great when I’m done with it! There are little flower gardens all over the place. There are two along the front of the porch, one along the rest of the front of the house, one along the side of the house, one along the back wall, one along the front of the back porch, three in the yard and one along the front of the chicken coop. And every last one of them is overgrown with weeds, so it’s going to be quite the chore to get them all cleaned up. I can see it in my head though how wonderful they’re all going to look when I’m done. I need to do some research to see what kind of flowers would have been used in the time period the house was built. Mind you, I don’t think that flower gardens were a main concern at that time, though.

I tell you, this place is going to look fabulous when we’re done!


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