Almost Done

In some ways, we’re almost done. But in other ways, there seems like so much more to do! We spent most of today at the old house still moving out the little things, the things we don’t want anymore, taking some things to the dump, donating others to charity. It seems like such a little bit left to do, but every step forward takes us about 2 steps back. We have to decide each piece that is left, do we want/need it? No? Then, is it garbage or donatable? Then, where to donate? Should it go to the womens shelter? The Salvation Army? The Diabetes Association? Who can make the best use of it?

Then, when each room is finally empty, there is the cleaning. The floors, the walls, the closets, the windows. I get tired just thinking about what is left to be done.

But, I did get one room, my son’s old bedroom, completely finished today! I feel wonderful about that. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders.

We’ll be heading back tomorrow to do more work. We have until next Tuesday to get it all done, which really is more than enough time if we plan it right.

Now to the good part. More pictures!

Today we’re heading into the Master Bedroom!

The Stairs

Remember the door in yesterday’s post I said opened to the stairs to the Master Bedroom? Well, here are the stairs! I love this staircase. It comes right up inside my huge Master Bedroom. I’ve never seen anything like it myself.

The Master Bedroom

You can see the railing for the stairway in this picture. The window over the boxes is along the wall opposite of where our bed goes. Apparently I didn’t get a picture of that wall, though.

These two windows are beside the second window shown in the previous picture. They are along the wall at the end of the bed, although there is at least 6 feet of floor space from the end of the bed to that wall. The door you see there is our walk in closet. You can also see part of the railing for the stairway beside the closet door.

I have never had a bedroom as big as this one. It’s easily twice the size of my old one. I’ve also never had a room that I felt like I could decorate. This room has oodles of wall space for pictures, more than enough room for all our dressers, plus there is room for a tv and a bookcase. And that still won’t cover the entire length of the walls. It’s such a big, open and airy space. It’s inviting and comfortable and absolutely gorgeous!

Oh, I forgot to mention. It’s a bit hard to see, but the floor is actually original wide plank flooring. Unfortunately, one of the previous owners painted it a burgandy colour. I plan on stripping that off and restoring the original wood, along with the moldings that have been painted a beige-ish colour. I can’t wait to see how it will look!

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll have more pictures to share tomorrow.


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