They Grow Them Big Around Here!

I’ve noticed that the critters of the insect variety seem to grow bigger here than where we lived before. First that spider from yesterday. Today we hav ethree of the biggest mosquito hawks I’ve ever seen flying around the house. I’m ok with them, they’re going to eat up the nasty little critters that are eating our son alive. But big! Holy jumpin’ Jehosephats I’ve never seen them as big as these!

Today we’re heading ito my son’s room. This room needs a bit of work. For some reason, one of the previous owners pulled up whatever flooring was there, put down plywood and painted it. So, it needs to be redone. I’m not sure why when the rest of the rooms upstairs besides the master bedroom were carpeted, they didn’t do this one. I’m thinking we’ll put down laminate flooring though. Our son has allergies so no carpet is good for him.

 This is of course, my son enjoying his new room. He has no furniture or anything on this day, but he’s having fun none the less!

Right beside the window you can see a little bookcase. Both of the kids rooms have them. I absolutely love them. They are built right into the wall. Very unique!


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