I Live In A Wonderland

I woke up in a wonder-land again. I love it here. There was a heavy mist laying over all the fields again this morning. As soon as I find my camera, I’m going to get a picture of these gorgeous mornings to share with all of you.

What really made me giggle though, was my cat Boo. I was sitting here at the table reading emails and watching the mist when Boo, my little black and white kitty came tearing out of nowhere. He scooted across the road and up the tree like the devil himself was after him. He was just playing and having fun, but boy was it funny. You would have had to see it to fully appreciate the humour though. 😉

We’re just about finished the interior of the house. Today is my daughter’s bedroom. Like my son’s room, it’s a bit of a mess. It doesn’t need any immediate work, but with her being 13, it always looks like a bomb went off inside!

As you can see, her room is long and narrow. She loves it, though. And her canopy bed fits perfectly in the far corner, which is something we weren’t sure would work or not.

And there’s that bomb! Why, oh, why can’t teenagers clean their rooms?


That’s it for today. Like I said, we’re just about done the inside of the house. I hope you enjoyed the pics!


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