Back Outside

Let’s finish up the outside tour! I’m actually very excited to report that yesterday hubby brought 4 of my rosebushes from the old house. It’s really starting to feel like home outside! We also were able to do a bit of yardwork, mowing the lawn, some weedeater work, a bit of weeding in the gardens. Already the front of the house is starting to look cleaner.

Ok, so lets move on to the back yard.

 This is actually the back entrance to our house, but will be the main entrance that everyone will use. It’s at the top of our driveway, as you can see from the next photo. The deck needs to be sealed but other than that, it’s in really great shape and I adore it!

 This is the view from the back door. What a nice view of our chicken coop! 😉

And this is our back yard, complete with leaning clothesline pole! It’s a bit hard to see, but the far pole is actually falling over. It’s supported right now with boards to keep it upright and they’re working. I just don’t know for how long….

And last but not least in our backyard, the firepit. This actually has a utilitarian use here. Apparently everyone out here burns most of their garbage, rather than sending it to the dump. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the firepit is overflowing with garbage that the previous owner tried to burn. There are Christmas decorations, old sofas, stereo’s, cups and saucers, speakers, it was a real mess. It was one of the first things hubby cleaned out. It looks nice now, though!


Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by!


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