Chickens and Goats – Which One First?

Farm fresh eggs. I can’t wait! We’re getting chickens, probably sometime next week. We just need to do a bit of work on the chicken coop and we’re good to go. All we need is a door to let them in and out and some nesting boxes and that’s it. A day’s work will have us set up and ready for some egg laying hens. So, now I have to do a bit of research on how to properly care for the chickens. I can’t see it being a difficult thing, though.

I’m also going to start looking this week for a goat. I’ve wanted a pet goat for a while now. But I also want one to work on knocking down some of the weeds that have taken over the property. A good solid chain to tether him on so he can’t chew through it and a goat-proof enclosure (is there really such a thing?) and that’s all we need. That will take a bit longer though, I think. I may not be able to get it until the spring, but that’s ok. I’ve waited this long, I can wait a few more months.

My ultimate goal here with the animals is to have a petting zoo of sorts. When we get the store up and running, I want to have some fun things for the kids to do while the parents are shopping. So, we’re thinking a petting zoo for starters. We’re going to work on a butterfly attraction too. We have monarch butterflies all over the place here, and a ton of milkweed already. All we need to do is nurture the existing eco-system and enhance it a bit, and we’ll have more butterflies that you can imagine around here.

But first, chickens. I can’t wait.


2 Responses

  1. Store? What store? I must have missed something…
    Anxiously awaiting to see how things go with the chickens. I had thought of getting some myself but don’t know much about them.

  2. Oh, Roberta, we have such plans. I think I’ll have that as my entry for today. Such big plans!

    From what I understand, chickens are very easy to care for. So long as they have shelter, food and a place to lay their eggs, they’re good. Honestly, I’m anxiously awaiting to see how things turn out there too! 😉

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