It’s Different Around Here

We moved here from a small town. It was the sort of place where everyone kept to themselves for the most part. You take care of your things, I’ll take care of mine and when people got together, they complained about how things should be, but no one really made a concious effort to change it.

I have been absolutely blown away by how different things are here. Since we moved I’ve been bombarded with kindness. Our neighbours, the first time we met them, offered us some wood that they have on their property that they are going to cut up, but have no need for. They also dropped maps of the area off in our mailbox so we could find our way around. The mail lady brought my mail right to my door last Sunday so she could meet us and get a sheet filled out. At church, the Pastors wife, the first day we met, offered to car pool with my for piano lessons for our kids. Yesterday I was approached by a man at the church who has tomatoes he’s giving away. He’s going to be bringing them by sometime this week.

It’s taking a bit of getting used to, all the friendliness and generosity. But it’s just so nice! I can’t believe how welcomed we have felt, how wonderful all our neighbours are.

It’s just different out here. And I couldn’t love it more!


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