More Photo’s – The Chicken Coop

It’s been a while since I added new photo’s so I thought today was a good time to do that. Actually, I’ve been using the main computer that is set up all the time, rather than my laptop where the photo’s are kept. So, really, it’s sheer laziness that I haven’t pulled this one out to show you more pictures. 😉

The Chicken Coop



This is, as the title says, the chicken coop. It looks a bit rough on the outside, but it’s really not in that bad of shape all things considered. We’re housing two of our bunnies in there right now and soon we’ll be adding chickens and hopefully a goat! It has three distinct rooms in it, so there is room for everyone.

You can kind of see the three rooms in this picture. The front room is where I have my bunnies right now, however they may be moving to the back room when the goat comes. I haven’t decided yet.



As you can see, the chicken run hasn’t been used in a while. The thistles are well over my head. Hubby and our son have cleared out most of it though, so it’s just about ready to use.

Thanks for stopping by!


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