I Got Me A Goat!

I did it! I got my goat. I’m so excited it’s silly. 😉

His name (for now) is Poppy and he’s a 4 year old Pygmy goat. He’s neutered and has been a pet for his entire life. I’m absolutely in love with him.

Right now he’s pretty scared and timid. He stays in his pen for now. But he’s eating which is good. I go in every day and spend at least an hour with him, talking to him and petting him, letting him know that I’m not going to eat him. 😉

Hopefully soon I’ll have a picture to show you. Once he settles in better I’ll take one to share. He’s such a little cutie!

Next are the chickens. I’m going to try ordering some egg laying hens, but if not, I’ll get some day olds and raise them myself. I’m just waiting for a call from our local feed shop to let me know if we can get the layers. Fingers crossed on those!


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