We Need A Name

Well, Poppy is settling in nicely. He does have a new name now, too. I’ve decided to name him Otis. And (unfortunately) I’ve started calling him Otis the Goatis. I know, I know, it’s bad. But there it is, that’s what his name is! LOL!

I’m just waiting to hear back about some chickens too. The owner of a local feed mill goes to a farm that sells egg laying hens once a month, so we’re just waiting to see if he’s going anytime soon. If not, we might be getting some day old chicks and raise them instead.

I’ve decided that I do want to get a rooster. I’d like to raise my own chicks and sell them.

We’re also trying to decide on a name for our farm. It’s tough, because this will be our name, how we’re identified to everyone, what we will advertise, have on our sign, our business cards, etc.

Our plans for the farm are: chickens, goats, selling eggs, a store that is eco-friendly where we’ll sell bio-degradable, earth friendly items, handmade soaps and candles, possibly teach a course or two on how to be eco-friendly, fresh, farm grown veggies, a butterfly sanctuary, and a petting zoo.

So, how does one incorporate all those into one name?



One Response

  1. Deon, You have such a wide variety of organic products available to sell. You need to make a business plan because of your varying amount of organics available. This should be an extremely lucrative business. You could do up Flyers on your computer to pass around and ask to leave them at various places in town. You could also take out a small Ad in the local newspaper in your town. Name suggestion: “Deon’s Organics Unlimited”
    I wish you the best of luck, and I love your Goats’ new name. 🙂
    Otis, is a perfect name.

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