An Adventurous Weekend!

Who knew that living on a hobby farm could be so exciting!

Yesterday I went to the pen to let Otis out as I do every morning. I opened up the little door to his pen which leads outside and was greeted by the bright eyes and upright ears of my outside bunny Sadie! She had chewed through the chicken wire that encloses her cage. Not really a huge deal, however my other outside  bunny, Harold is housed in the same pen, in his own cage on the ground. Now, I don’t know how much you know about bunnies, but they are very creative when it comes to mating. If she was on the ground for any length of time, you can almost bet money that they found a way to give me baby bunnies to care for in about 35 days.

So, I gathered her up and brought her inside. We were all just getting ready for church, so I had no time at that point to fix her cage. So, she spent the day in our downstairs bathroom. Honestly, I don’t think she minded a bit.

Off we went to church then to my  mom and dads for lunch.

When we came home the puppy had destroyed two plants and a candle holder in the kitchen. Minimum damage done by his standards.

My son went out to see Otis (he LOVES Otis!) while I went onto the computer to sort out my Avon business. A few minutes later, he comes in looking for my husbands hammer. Seems that the wire on the gate has mysteriously been pulled off at the top corner. I have a sneaking suspicion that Otis might have had something to do with it. We went on a search for the hammer to no avail, so had to leave the gate as is. No danger of Otis getting out. Yet.

A few minutes later, I hear my son yelling for me. He sounds very upset, so I run downstairs and outside to see what is going on. There my son stands in the middle of the back yard, crying and wiping his eyes, with Otis right beside him! He had tried to get out of the pen, and Otis bumped him out of the way and went out himself. I go out to try to catch him, and my hyper little puppy runs out between my legs.

Now let me stop here to mention that Otis HATES my puppy. Actually, I would say he’s more terrified of him, than hate, but the end result was the same.

Otis takes one look at the little blonde Cocker Spaniel tearing out of the house from between my legs, blats once and starts to leap around the yard. I had no idea that goats were so graceful!

So, here’s the picture. Otis, the pure black pygmy goat leaping gracefully around the backyard, blatting his little head off. Winston, my purebred, 8 month old blonde Cocker Spaniel having the time of his life, chasing Otis, the pure black pygmy goat while he leaps gracefully around my back yard. My daughter in her church clothes and high heels, screaming at Winston, the 8 month old purebred Cocker Spaniel to stop chasing Otis. My son, standing in the middle of all this, crying and wiping his eyes, terrified that Otis was going to run away.

What’s a mother to do?

Winston did finally give up chasing poor Otis and my daughter was able to drag him into the house. At that point, all I had to do was open the stall door and Otis was more than happy to go in. Actually, he was standing at the stall door, begging to get in. Anything to get away from the puppy! I got him into his stall, put the puppy into his time out spot, set up a different cage for Sadie for the night and left the gate for today.

I wonder what adventures the animals will bring me today?


3 Responses

  1. “What’s a mother to do?” Make a video.

    May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

  2. Deon, I haven’t bee a ble to check out your blog until today but it seems as though you’ve been busy. HOpe all is going well. Glad to know Otis is enjoying his new home!;-0 TTYL, Melissa

  3. Deon, I haven’t heard form you lately on any of the posts. Just wondering how things are and how you’re doing. Been doing my fall cleaning and my daughter has put out out fall decorations. I just love fall! My favorite time of year. Hope all is well and you and yours are blessed!

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