Changing Is Hard!

When we made the decision to purchase this Homestead, we made a decision to live a simpler life. I started this blog to keep track of our progress.

I have to be perfectly honest here and say that we haven’t been doing very well. All we’ve done is moved our lifestyle from one house to another, and added a few more animals. We haven’t changed our spending habits, our living expenses, our travel, our eating habits or anything else for that matter. Mind you, we’ve only been here a month and we’re still trying to get settled, but the fact remains that we haven’t changed one darn thing.

So, that begs the question of why? Why haven’t we changed anything? We can’t afford to keep living the way we were in town. We incurred a large amount of debt living that way which we were able to mostly clear off with the sale of our other house. But we still carry a bit of debt which we keep adding to on almost a daily basis.

So, what to do about it?

I’ve decided that we need to change one thing a month. It’s a small start, but it’s a start. Each month we will take a vow to change one habit in our lives. We’ll start the beginning of November, since October is almost finished.

Starting in November, we are going to change our frivilous spending. If we don’t need it, we won’t buy it. That’s going to be the toughest one for all of us. We like our “things”. But did I really need that new purse I bought two days ago? I have five in my closet. So, no, I didn’t. I sure did like it though! But that’s the sort of thing that we need to change. Starting with myself. I can’t force anyone else to change, but I can start with me.

It’s going to be a tough go, but it needs to be done!


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What To Do With All These Eggs!

All the chickies are here now. Yay! And now, we’re getting 14 eggs every day. We plan on selling them, but in the meantime, until we get set up properly to do that, we need to find ways to use them up. Mind you, eggs will keep for a very long time, so there’s no real rush, but it’s good to think ahead.

So, any and all ideas on how to use up eggs in creative ways would be much appreciated!


Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. A day to reflect on our lives and thank the Lord for all that He has blessed us with. So, I thought I would just post my list of gratitudes and encourage those that visit today to do the same.

Of course I have to start with my wonderful new Homestead. There is no way we would be here without His help.

My family

Our health

This wonderful Country we call home

That we have food on the table and a roof over our heads unlike so many others in this world

For sunsets and sunrises

For freedom

And today especially: for coffee. 😉

So, what’s on your list?

More Chickens On The Way!

Well, you could just poke me with a stick, I’m so excited!

We have 8 more hens coming next Friday. More brown hens, just like what we have now. Plus, I was talking to our good friend yesterday and she is possibly getting 25 more hens for only $2.00 each and we’re going to split them between us! So, even if we just put them in the stewpot, we’re way ahead. Or we could use them as layers too.

Altogether, if we get the 12 chickens from our good friend, that will be 26 chickens that we have, along with Jack, the rooster.

We’re also getting more eggs every day. We’re up to 5 eggs every day, so we only have one hen that isn’t laying yet. The next 8 that are coming all lay one a day, so soon we’re going to have more eggs than we know what to do with.

Oh, and my spring bulbs arrived earlier this week! I now have 150 bulbs to plant to spruce the new homestead up come spring.

We’ve also decided to use about 1/4 acre of our land to plant apple trees. Hubby grew up on an apple farm so it’s basically a no brainer for us. We’re in the process of clearing out that piece of land which is a job in itself, as it’s very overgrown. But once it’s done, we’ll be able to plant the trees in the spring and next year they’ll start producing.

Things are really coming along here! It’s so exciting!!

And Now We Have Our Rooster! (And Various Things We’ve Done)

His name is Jack and he thinks he’s a movie star. He’s still young, only about 6 months or so but boy oh boy does he have the strut down pat!

He’s already “made friends” with all of our ladies. Well, all except one. Gertie doesn’t seem to be the least bit interested in him. She’s more our pet than anything and ignores Jack thouroughly.

We’ve been very busy winterizing our homestead. So far we’ve (and by we I mean my husband) have changed the poles on the front deck. They had completely rotted through at the base and weren’t even supporting the roof anymore. We’ve also supported the roof in the chicken coop, made nesting boxes, and covered the windows in the coop with a heavy plastic. We’ve set up the one area in the coop for all the animals, chickens, bunnies and goat so they can all benefit from the body heat. We’ve also cleared out one very large section of the side field and started to till it for our market garden.

Today I think we’re going to work on restoring the scroll work on the front porch and I’m going to dig out some more of the gardens. My bulbs will be coming soon, and I’d like to have the gardens ready.

That’s it for now. Every day is something more though. I love it!

The Chickens Are Here!

We picked them up on Wednesday. I’m so excited!

So far we have 6 brown hens. And they’ve already started giving us eggs! Actually, the first egg was laid an hour after they got here which was really exciting. 😉

We’ll be getting more sometime this month. We have 8 more hens and a rooster coming about the middle of the month. It’s really starting to look like a homestead around here!

We have the chicken coop all set up now for everyone. In the front part of the coop is Otis. He has a very large pen all to himself. I’m not sure if he likes it or not. He used to have the bunnies to keep him company. I don’t think he particularly liked that though. At least, I’m sure he didn’t like Sadie being in there. He let her out of her cage twice. And on more than one occasion I found him standing on top of Harolds cage. So, we’ve moved them into the middle part with the chickies.

The chickies and the bunnies live together in a smaller, but very safe and cozy section of the coop. Hubby built a nesting box for the chickies, which they immediately started using. We’re not getting a ton of eggs yet, only about 5, but that’s ok. It’s fun just having them here!

So, that’s the setup for now. After we get the back part of the coop fixed up, we’re likely going to move Otis there so he has more room to move around. We’re also likely going to get another goat, so he has company. Yeah, so the goat has company. That’s the reason I want to get another one. Sure……