The Chickens Are Here!

We picked them up on Wednesday. I’m so excited!

So far we have 6 brown hens. And they’ve already started giving us eggs! Actually, the first egg was laid an hour after they got here which was really exciting. 😉

We’ll be getting more sometime this month. We have 8 more hens and a rooster coming about the middle of the month. It’s really starting to look like a homestead around here!

We have the chicken coop all set up now for everyone. In the front part of the coop is Otis. He has a very large pen all to himself. I’m not sure if he likes it or not. He used to have the bunnies to keep him company. I don’t think he particularly liked that though. At least, I’m sure he didn’t like Sadie being in there. He let her out of her cage twice. And on more than one occasion I found him standing on top of Harolds cage. So, we’ve moved them into the middle part with the chickies.

The chickies and the bunnies live together in a smaller, but very safe and cozy section of the coop. Hubby built a nesting box for the chickies, which they immediately started using. We’re not getting a ton of eggs yet, only about 5, but that’s ok. It’s fun just having them here!

So, that’s the setup for now. After we get the back part of the coop fixed up, we’re likely going to move Otis there so he has more room to move around. We’re also likely going to get another goat, so he has company. Yeah, so the goat has company. That’s the reason I want to get another one. Sure……


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