More Chickens On The Way!

Well, you could just poke me with a stick, I’m so excited!

We have 8 more hens coming next Friday. More brown hens, just like what we have now. Plus, I was talking to our good friend yesterday and she is possibly getting 25 more hens for only $2.00 each and we’re going to split them between us! So, even if we just put them in the stewpot, we’re way ahead. Or we could use them as layers too.

Altogether, if we get the 12 chickens from our good friend, that will be 26 chickens that we have, along with Jack, the rooster.

We’re also getting more eggs every day. We’re up to 5 eggs every day, so we only have one hen that isn’t laying yet. The next 8 that are coming all lay one a day, so soon we’re going to have more eggs than we know what to do with.

Oh, and my spring bulbs arrived earlier this week! I now have 150 bulbs to plant to spruce the new homestead up come spring.

We’ve also decided to use about 1/4 acre of our land to plant apple trees. Hubby grew up on an apple farm so it’s basically a no brainer for us. We’re in the process of clearing out that piece of land which is a job in itself, as it’s very overgrown. But once it’s done, we’ll be able to plant the trees in the spring and next year they’ll start producing.

Things are really coming along here! It’s so exciting!!


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