What To Do With All These Eggs!

All the chickies are here now. Yay! And now, we’re getting 14 eggs every day. We plan on selling them, but in the meantime, until we get set up properly to do that, we need to find ways to use them up. Mind you, eggs will keep for a very long time, so there’s no real rush, but it’s good to think ahead.

So, any and all ideas on how to use up eggs in creative ways would be much appreciated!


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  1. You probably know about all of these, but here is what I do with extra eggs: boil them to have handy for salads, deviled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, in cornbread, and of course in cakes. I also found a recipe: brown hashbrowns and onions in a skillet, and then pouring beaten eggs over them and bake or cover and turn down low until done. The recipe is in Spanish, so I’ll have to let my daughter translate it for me. I’ll post it here or on my blog later this afternoon.
    And if you have a feed store in town you can place a sign there, “Yard Eggs For Sale”…Sometimes the feed stores will buy them and resell them. Or you can put a sign by the road? And they are good bartering items! Trade them for veggies or fruits, or whatever your neighbors have to offer? Hope this helps! Gaylynn http://www.mrsgaylynn.wordpress.com

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