Good Tuesday Morning!

Well, it’s Tuesday. I’m not sure where Monday went, (or Saturday or Sunday for that matter!) but here we stand at Tuesday.

I really need to get this house organized. That means I need to organize myself and my kids.

We were all so structured before the move. The kids had their chore charts and the followed them. I had my routines and they worked wonderfully. Now it seems like we just fly by the seat of our pants and nothing gets done. It just seems so different out here. Time doesn’t mean as much as it did when we lived in town.

But, as nice as that is, the house is really starting to suffer. Things aren’t getting done. We still have boxes that aren’t unpacked yet for crying out loud!

So, today is a new day, a new beginning. I have some work to do for my photography shop, which I will get done this morning. Then it’s time to refocus, and start getting things done around here. I need to take a hard look at what needs to be done and start writing out my lists and routines again. Obviously what needed to be done at the old house doesn’t apply here and I have to wonder if that’s not one reason that I haven’t been able to use the old routines.

I also really want to start getting some kids in for babysitting. I used to do before and after school care which worked wonderfully for all of us. So, today I’m going to make up a flyer to put around different places. The extra money will come in very handy and it will give me more to do too. And a good reason to keep the house clean too! 😉


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