Good Sunday Morning!

Something else that has really fallen to the wayside since we moved out here is our Church attendance.

We tried a Pentecostal church here in town, but it was a very conservative, women don’t wear pants and makeup type of church which just isn’t for us. So, we’ve started attending a Wesleyn church in a nearby town. It’s really nice and everyone likes it, it’s just a fair ways away. But my daughter goes to youth group there every Thursday and my son on Tuesdays when he feels like going. So, they are setting down some roots there which is great. Now it’s my turn. 😉

So, off we go to Church this morning!

Yesterday I managed to get my meal list redone. Somewhere along the way, I lost the original and all my recipes that go with it. It’s going to be a huge job getting all that back. I have my work cut out for me there! Good thing I enjoy looking through recipe books! LOL!


One Response

  1. Hope you had a nice Sunday. We used to go to church every week. If we couldn’t go on Sunday morning, we went to a neighboring church on Saturday evening that had a mass then. I was baptized Lutheran, raised in a Methodist church and converted to Catholicism before I married Irv!

    Now I find that I am very content not going to church. I tend to be very spiritual, but not so religious.

    I’m glad we gave our kids a religious start though.

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