The First Day Of a New Week – And a New Life?

Changes need to be made. I know that. We can’t keep going the way we’ve been going. We’ll fail.

So, today is the first day of our new lives!

Well, honestly, it started last week.  But, today the plans will really start being put into practice.

More baking, less buying of prepackaged desserts for the kids lunches. Hubby started a car pool at work yesterday. Freezing even little bits of leftover foods for later casseroles or stir fry’s. Really watching where every last penny goes. Less trips into town, instead making inclusive lists and filling them in one trip.

And cleaning routines. They are a must for this house. More so than anywhere else I’ve lived. This house will absolutely fall apart if things aren’t done every single day.

So, welcome to the new me! I’m very excited about this. And the really great thing is, you’ll be along for the ride too!

Hang on! It could get a bit bumpy! LOL!


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