The Chickens Are (Finally!) Laying Again

So far this week I’ve collected 13 eggs. Not too bad considering they’re just getting started up again. Once they get going full speed again, we’ll have 13 a day!

I guess the warm spell and the longer days we’ve been having started them up again. I’m not complaining though. I ran out of fresh eggs a few weeks ago. On the upside, I only had to buy 2 cartons at the grocery store.

The really odd thing is, our goat, Otis has become very protective of those eggs. It’s weird. He’s very aggressive when we go to collect them. I actually don’t feel comfortable sending the kids out to do it right now, he’s gotten so bad. He’ll rear up on his hind legs and stop his front hooves on the floor of the coop. He doesn’t actually charge at you, but it’s very intimidating. Look at me, scared of a goat! LOL!

Hopefully he’ll get over it soon though. I’m going to have to spend some more time with him. I guess with only having the chickies for company all winter long, he’s gotten a bit attached to them! LOL!


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  1. Wow! Well, I had two goats that were harness and leash trained, but they still had horns, and let me tell you they could do some damage when they were agitated! We finally got rid of them, and if we have more, will have them dehorned.

    I think you’re right not to send the kids (hehhe, the human kind) right now to collect the eggs.

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