Family Day

This is Canada’s second annual Family Day. It’s a statutory holiday created by our government to coincide with President’s Day in the States. I’m not really sure what the actual purpose of it is, as many families actually have to work today, but there it is. A new holiday right in the middle of winter!

This year, my husband is off, which is nice. Last year he had to work a 12 hour shift, which was kind of ironic, considering the name of the holiday. 😉

I’m not really sure what, if anything, we’re going to be doing to celebrate Family Day. I need to do some work on my Etsy shop and I want to hand out some fliers for my new cleaning business. And of course, I need to complete all my daily cleaning routines.

Maybe we’ll watch a movie or play some cards. I’m not sure.

It seems like such a silly holiday! LOL!


2 Responses

  1. woah, that’s a nice holiday. Better than Valentine’s Day for sure!

  2. Have a great day off. I’m just wondering if the stores are open here! 🙂 Happy FamilyDay, Presidents Day, Louis Riel Day….

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