Stew! Another Frugal Tip

I love stew. I really, really love stew.

Last night we had a fairly large dumping of snow and lucky us, stew was on the menu today!

Although stew is by nature a fairly frugal meal, you can make it even more so by purchasing a roast when they are on sale and chopping it into stew sized pieces yourself.

I have in my freezer 2 roasts that I purchased when on sale for about $6.00 each. I can get minimum 2 stews from one roast, which makes that a $3.00 meal for the meat. You can’t buy precut stewing beef for that price. I’m in Canada, so the pricing will change for the U.S. The bottom line is the same however. It’s far cheaper to take the time to cut your own stewing meat than to purchase it already cut up for you.

Generally speaking, a person can save a lot of money just by taking that little extra bit of time when preparing or planning meals.

We live in a world where things move very fast. We want convenience in all things. But at what cost? It only takes about 10 minutes at the most to cut up a roast. Is that really so difficult?

Try it! Next time you’re out shopping, and see a roast on sale, pick it up, chop it up and make some stew. It’s just as good and better for the pocketbook!


One Response

  1. Great post. I do the same when buying chicken. I can cut up my own chicken and get a meal or two from that…and then make soup. Even if you only buy whole chicken breasts, it’s not that hard to cut it yourself and save buying expensive boneless breast meat.

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