My Fingers Are Getting Itchy

I don’t know about you, but around this time of the year, my fingers really start to itch. The weather is getting warmer, you can tell that spring is in the air and the ground starts to call to me.

The problem is, it’s still completely frozen! (trust me, I checked. LOL!)

I will be getting ready soon, however to start my seeds for my vegetable garden.

I’m really excited about gardening this year. This house came with several flower gardens already set up (albeit overgrown with weeds) and an incredibly large vegetable garden (again, it hasn’t been used in a very, very long time). I took some time in the fall to get some work done cleaning the flower gardens out, but it’s a huge job. The two right in front of our porch I must have taken out literally thousands of some sort of lily bulbs. There were so many there that they couldn’t even stand up, they were pushing themselves out. So, since I’m not really a fan of them anyway, I dug most of them out and tidied it up a bit.

I’ve been spending some time perusing the seed aisles too. I absolutely love, love, love this time of year!

Yesterday in my inbox, I found this great link to Seed Starting Mix. I’m definitely going to be trying it out. Not only does it give me a closer connection to my plants, it sure looks like it’s going to be more frugal too!

I’ll be starting my seeds soon. I’ll be sure to keep a photographic record and share with all of you. 😉


5 Responses

  1. It sounds wonderful…and you don’t have to get it all done immediately…as long as you’re plodding along enjoying the work it will all eventually come together…how lovely tho to have fresh vegetables!

  2. I wish I had itchy fingers here, but it’s 19 degrees and snowing! Plant something for me, I’ll catch up with you in March!

  3. i love this time of year, too! i am already planning my garden and am probably going to start some herbs inside pretty soon! we can’t plant peas and lettuce here til mid march so i’ve learned not to start my tomatoes too early or they get too leggy! fun to dream, though, isn’t it???

  4. I was able to till again yesterday. Still too cold to plant anything in the ground, but I noticed that the earthworms are coming closer to the top; whereas the week before when I tilled there weren’t any worms.
    I’m so glad that you’re going to make the seed mix. I’m heading out today to buy my ingredients.

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