My son came home from school and called me to the front door to show me something “really cool!”

In our birdfeeder was a little red rumped nuthatch. He didn’t fly away when my son went near him. So, I went a little closer, thinking something was wrong with him. I got right up to the birdfeeder and he just sat there looking at me and eating sunflower seeds. I started thinking that there was something wrong, or that he was stuck, so I put my finger out to see.

It actually hopped up onto my finger! So there I stand on my front porch with a little nuthatch on my finger. Then he started pecking at my ring. Once he figured out it wasn’t food he went right back to the birdfeeder.

Well, of course now I’m totally blown away and completely enchanted. I put my finger out and he hopped up again! He looked at me for a minute then flew onto my head, off my head and onto my son’s. Then back to the birdfeeder.

I rushed inside to get my camera (I also run MNH Photography here on Etsy) so excited to get some amazing pics of this little nuthatch, but unfortunately by the time I changed the lense and got back out, he was gone.

Then about an hour later, he came back. This time, I was able to get my camera and snap about oh, 200 pictures.

Here are three of them. One of him on my hand, one of him on my son’s and a closeup of him in the birdfeeder.


On My Hand

On My Hand


With My Son

With My Son





5 Responses

  1. How adorable! The pictures are great.

  2. That is so cool! I bet he/she was raised by humans.

  3. GASP! How beautiful. I just stumbled onto your blog, I forget how. I love your photography and I follow you on Twitter. And now I subscribe to your blog, too! Can’t wait for updates!

  4. Definitely not raised by humans. Nuthatches are often very friendly little birds. I’ve had some luck hand feeding them too. It is so magical when they perch right on your hand. Just checking out the recipes on your blog and then found this gem. I have bookmarked your site!

  5. What a scruffy but beautiful little fellow! 🙂
    I found your blog via twitter, via etsy. looks like some great stuff here! 🙂

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