What To Name This One?

I’ve decided to turn this into a contest! I’m stumped as to what to name this one. So, put your thinking cap on and you could win a free 8×10 print if your name is chosen!

Here are the rules

1. Add your choice of name to the comments section. You may enter as many times as you like.

2. That’s it! Easy, right?

After one week from today, I will put all the names I’ve collected to a vote. The name that gets the most votes wins! I’ll use that as the name for the print and the winner will receive a free 8×10 of this print.

Good luck! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. 😉


17 Responses

  1. The Look.

    That’s all I got, sorry! Lisa’s is way better!

  2. “Second Thought”

  3. Veldt Grass Longing


    Potential Pounce

  4. 1. Do you hear what I hear?
    2. There’s Something Out There
    3. Jungle Cat
    4. Bring me a mouse. Now.
    5. I swear my left whiskers are a tiny bit shorter
    6. Missed a spot.
    7. New lenses.
    8. Portrait of the Cat as a Young Man
    9. The Picture of Kitten Grey
    10. Self Portrait

  5. Through the mouse door….

    Oh Hai!

    “There’s a spot on your lens”

    Sad Eyes (can’t help it they look sad to me)

  6. “Focused”

    “Staring Contest”

  7. Eye of the Tiger ( now I got that song stuck in my head LOL)

    Animal Instinct ?

  8. “Somebody’s watching me”

  9. I vote for Staring Contest!

  10. Inquiring Eyes

    Curious Contemplation

  11. Through the glassy eyes

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