I’m Sitting Here Drinking Coffee…

And contemplating life. Yes, I know, it sounds like a very deep subject, but in reality, it’s not.

Actually, I’m contemplating my next life.

I’ve decided I want to return as a chihuahua. A pampered and spoiled chihuahua. Much like the one I have sitting on my lap as I drink my morning coffee and contemplate my next life.

I don’t want to return as simply a pampered pet, I want only to be a chihuahua. Why you ask?

There are lots of lap dogs and pampered pooches out there. You can see them just about everywhere you look. But, there is no other breed of dog that is useful only as a lap dog. Every other breed is expected to do something. Not so with chihuahua’s. All anyone expects of them is sleeping, cuddling and love. And they’re really good at it too.

Yup. A chihuahua. No more working life for me! I’m ready to lead a pampered life, sleeping on my human’s lap, eating the choicest pieces of meat, soft pillows to lay on, never having to walk anywhere.

It’s going to be great!

(psst! If you have a pooch you’d like to spoil, check out Poocheze! The best dog treats anywhere!)


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