We Have A Winner!

After a tense day of revoting to break a tie, we finally have a winner for the Help Me Name This Print contest!

Drum roll please…..

Through The Mouse Door submitted by Amy of Heathens Hearth on Etsy.

Thank you so much Amy, I love the name!!

And now it’s off to list the print in my Etsy shop.

Thanks to all who submitted and voted!



My son came home from school and called me to the front door to show me something “really cool!”

In our birdfeeder was a little red rumped nuthatch. He didn’t fly away when my son went near him. So, I went a little closer, thinking something was wrong with him. I got right up to the birdfeeder and he just sat there looking at me and eating sunflower seeds. I started thinking that there was something wrong, or that he was stuck, so I put my finger out to see.

It actually hopped up onto my finger! So there I stand on my front porch with a little nuthatch on my finger. Then he started pecking at my ring. Once he figured out it wasn’t food he went right back to the birdfeeder.

Well, of course now I’m totally blown away and completely enchanted. I put my finger out and he hopped up again! He looked at me for a minute then flew onto my head, off my head and onto my son’s. Then back to the birdfeeder.

I rushed inside to get my camera (I also run MNH Photography here on Etsy) so excited to get some amazing pics of this little nuthatch, but unfortunately by the time I changed the lense and got back out, he was gone.

Then about an hour later, he came back. This time, I was able to get my camera and snap about oh, 200 pictures.

Here are three of them. One of him on my hand, one of him on my son’s and a closeup of him in the birdfeeder.


On My Hand

On My Hand


With My Son

With My Son




More Photo’s – The Chicken Coop

It’s been a while since I added new photo’s so I thought today was a good time to do that. Actually, I’ve been using the main computer that is set up all the time, rather than my laptop where the photo’s are kept. So, really, it’s sheer laziness that I haven’t pulled this one out to show you more pictures. 😉

The Chicken Coop



This is, as the title says, the chicken coop. It looks a bit rough on the outside, but it’s really not in that bad of shape all things considered. We’re housing two of our bunnies in there right now and soon we’ll be adding chickens and hopefully a goat! It has three distinct rooms in it, so there is room for everyone.

You can kind of see the three rooms in this picture. The front room is where I have my bunnies right now, however they may be moving to the back room when the goat comes. I haven’t decided yet.



As you can see, the chicken run hasn’t been used in a while. The thistles are well over my head. Hubby and our son have cleared out most of it though, so it’s just about ready to use.

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Back Outside

Let’s finish up the outside tour! I’m actually very excited to report that yesterday hubby brought 4 of my rosebushes from the old house. It’s really starting to feel like home outside! We also were able to do a bit of yardwork, mowing the lawn, some weedeater work, a bit of weeding in the gardens. Already the front of the house is starting to look cleaner.

Ok, so lets move on to the back yard.

 This is actually the back entrance to our house, but will be the main entrance that everyone will use. It’s at the top of our driveway, as you can see from the next photo. The deck needs to be sealed but other than that, it’s in really great shape and I adore it!

 This is the view from the back door. What a nice view of our chicken coop! 😉

And this is our back yard, complete with leaning clothesline pole! It’s a bit hard to see, but the far pole is actually falling over. It’s supported right now with boards to keep it upright and they’re working. I just don’t know for how long….

And last but not least in our backyard, the firepit. This actually has a utilitarian use here. Apparently everyone out here burns most of their garbage, rather than sending it to the dump. You can’t really tell from the picture, but the firepit is overflowing with garbage that the previous owner tried to burn. There are Christmas decorations, old sofas, stereo’s, cups and saucers, speakers, it was a real mess. It was one of the first things hubby cleaned out. It looks nice now, though!


Well, that’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by!

The Last Of The Inside Photo’s

I was going to go back outside today to show you the rest of our property. Then I remembered I hadn’t shown you the other set of stairs! As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have two sets of stairs to the second floor; one set goes straight to the master bedroom and the other set leads to a landing of sorts where you can access the three bedrooms and the main bathroom. The door to that set of stairs is right in the kitchen, so it’s easy access for everyone.

As you can see, these are pretty twisty stairs!

It’s funny, because I never realized how steep these stairs were until I took this picture!

Since we’re almost done, I thought I’d show you the two bathrooms we have here too. This is the downstairs bathroom/laundry room. Right now, I call it the room you don’t want to enter. It’s an absolute disaster!

And finally, this is the upstairs bathroom.

And I do believe that is the end of the inside of the house! I hope you enjoyed that tour. I’m going to continue tomorrow with the property pictures.

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I Live In A Wonderland

I woke up in a wonder-land again. I love it here. There was a heavy mist laying over all the fields again this morning. As soon as I find my camera, I’m going to get a picture of these gorgeous mornings to share with all of you.

What really made me giggle though, was my cat Boo. I was sitting here at the table reading emails and watching the mist when Boo, my little black and white kitty came tearing out of nowhere. He scooted across the road and up the tree like the devil himself was after him. He was just playing and having fun, but boy was it funny. You would have had to see it to fully appreciate the humour though. 😉

We’re just about finished the interior of the house. Today is my daughter’s bedroom. Like my son’s room, it’s a bit of a mess. It doesn’t need any immediate work, but with her being 13, it always looks like a bomb went off inside!

As you can see, her room is long and narrow. She loves it, though. And her canopy bed fits perfectly in the far corner, which is something we weren’t sure would work or not.

And there’s that bomb! Why, oh, why can’t teenagers clean their rooms?


That’s it for today. Like I said, we’re just about done the inside of the house. I hope you enjoyed the pics!

They Grow Them Big Around Here!

I’ve noticed that the critters of the insect variety seem to grow bigger here than where we lived before. First that spider from yesterday. Today we hav ethree of the biggest mosquito hawks I’ve ever seen flying around the house. I’m ok with them, they’re going to eat up the nasty little critters that are eating our son alive. But big! Holy jumpin’ Jehosephats I’ve never seen them as big as these!

Today we’re heading ito my son’s room. This room needs a bit of work. For some reason, one of the previous owners pulled up whatever flooring was there, put down plywood and painted it. So, it needs to be redone. I’m not sure why when the rest of the rooms upstairs besides the master bedroom were carpeted, they didn’t do this one. I’m thinking we’ll put down laminate flooring though. Our son has allergies so no carpet is good for him.

 This is of course, my son enjoying his new room. He has no furniture or anything on this day, but he’s having fun none the less!

Right beside the window you can see a little bookcase. Both of the kids rooms have them. I absolutely love them. They are built right into the wall. Very unique!


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