The Gardens

My new Homestead came equipped with several little flower gardens. However, they have been sorely neglected for quite a while. Getting them cleaned up and looking beautiful is high on my list of priorities.

I’m going to use this page to show the progress of the gardens. Of course, we’ll have to start with the before pictures.

The Front Gardens – Before

 These I think are Day Lillies. I love Day Lillies, however they seem to have completely taken over this little garden under my living room window.

 What a gorgeous fern! All this needs is a bit of clearing out and tidying. I think I’d like to leave this here, it’s so beautiful.

I have to be perfectly honest, I can’t stand  these types of lilies. Absolutely, without a doubt hate them. This entire garden is coming out.


The Side Gardens

These little gardens are by far my favourite. Someone along the way spent a lot of time setting these up. All they need is to be cleaned out and they will be looking gorgeous again in no time.

I started weeding this one a bit one day while were still moving.  With just a half an hour’s work, it’s already looking so much better.

This is the rest of the garden pictured above. You can see the difference a half hour’s work makes!

If you look closely, you can see there is a little stone pathway that one of the previous owners put between the gardens. I can’t wait to get it uncovered!

This is the last section of the side gardens. As you can see, I have a lot of work ahead of me!



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